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The sigil of the Epcot, a giant spherical shaped edifice called spaceship earth, radiates beams of different colors of light that could illuminate places even in the darkest hours. Epcot is considered a city where all things are blissful, and it follows the trend of everything to come tomorrow. It was on this idealism that the word ‘Epcot’ was coined as an acronym for ‘Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow.’ In basic knowledge, the name has actually elucidated itself. It depicts the perfect idea of a community that is not lost in time but always in active motion with the Journey of time.

Epcot in Orlando Florida is, in fact, a theme park in the Walt Disney World resort. It wasn’t just a magical fantasy as it’s very real and was brought to life at the bewilderment of people on October 1st, 1982.

While Epcot might seem all magical and perfect presently, it actually ricocheted through rough times. As the project idea was birthed a very long time since the 1960s, but upon the sad death of Disney in 1966, the project began to receive regressive actions which stalled it for a long time.

You know what they say about fantasies, it becomes actualized in the long run. The idea of the Epcot still lived on the hearts of many, so it came to light once the WED enterprises began investing in the Walt Disney World resort for a second theme park that has a vision more defined than the first theme park- Magic kingdom. This time they wanted to feel the magic.

Some years ago, Epcot in Orlando, Florida was only a figment of imagination for many, but things changed, and the Epcot is now a real theme park where more than 12 million people are hosted. It’s no wonder it’s even ranked the seventh world most visited theme park.

The Epcot is believed to be a safe haven where the spaceship earth doesn’t only radiates light but gives hope, peace, and joy to the mind. A place where sorrow is kept at bay as the touch with technology and innovations of the future means something significant.

Imaginations are greatly welcomed at the Epcot in Orlando Florida as the city was itself a product of wishful imaginations. It exhibits the fact that with the proper driving force, imaginations can become a reality. We’re all living in the reality of the Epcot, a city whose imagination felt excessive and out of bounds for actualization.



Still, on the topic of imagination, there is a section of the theme park dedicated to the pros of imagination. In this section, people can take rides that enable them to tap into their imaginations, even deep into things they never imagined thinking about. Imagination has a way of expressing itself in the mind and the feeling it gives is magical. There are even lots of virtual reality games available that create variants of imaginary pictures that provide fun and Entertainment.

Another section in Epcot also available is an arena where there can be bonding and different forms of interactions with nature starring from aquatic animals and plants, land nature and even the air animals. There is a sense of belonging attached to this section, a feeling of Mother Nature’s warmth and affection. A boat cruise in this section can be very exciting with tingling sensations.

Everyone has that perfect magical dream weddings in their hearts, the Odyssey center in Epcot is certainly a perfect venue as it doesn’t only have the technology touch, it radiates with a sense of magical realism that paves a blissful celebration.


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